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No design is complete without a product to show for it. Whether it is a tool, model, prototype, small run or large-scale production, we get you that product.

Efficient production requires :

. Systematic thinking and action so that no steps are neglected or duplicated
. Proper Design
. An understanding of scheduling, timing, and tooling
. Inspection and Quality Assurance procedures
. A good grasp of mathematics, physics, and engineering
. The right production and inspection equipment
. The skills to bring together all the above in a seamless manner

detail drawing

assembly drawing

cad model

We have manufactured a full range of products from commercial to
milspec, from a single piece to those requiring statistical process control. We also work from requirements or specs, generating our own designs and prints if necessary. For the most demanding work, we can run simulations before a tool touches the work material for the first time.

These are a few of the products that we have run. Please click to see enlarged views.

finished product from above design packaging mold assorted hardened parts small arms Corps of Engineers altimeter parts, poppet valve, etc.

lighting special threads internal cone collar metering valve copper thread adaptor lens holder

focal adaptor mantis 1 inch coarse circular saw hss coated 1 inch fine HSS circular saw coated mold insert rail

overrunning clutch clutches clutch ramps




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