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EC2, Inc.

POB 669, South Fallsburg NY 12779

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EC2, Inc. has been providing quality design and manufacturing services in the New York's Hudson Valley area for over 25 years. We specialize in manufacturing engineering, optimization, and machining. Count on EC2, Inc. to develop your product so that it is easy and cost-effective to manufacture.


EC2, Inc. can help you design your product using both tried-and-true and state-of-the-art technologies. This can include conceptual design, physical requirements, constraints, even simulation.

We optimize product designs, select the proper manufacturing method(s), manufacture prototypes, inspect and test them, design tools and fixtures and run production.

EC2, Inc. has a modern machine shop that works to both commercial and military specs. Our customers include commercial and architectural clients, food processing and packaging industries, military contractors and subcontractors, and many others. We have designed and manufactured all kinds of items, from industrial knives to howitzer gear segments, hospital scrub brush molds to high speed cutting blades, insert cutters, telescope parts, medical devices, fighter jet synchro housings; the list includes products from collapsible commercial coat racks to progressive dies, and just about everything in between.


EC2Inc: Engineering Concepts/Creation, including Machining